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Our mission

To enhance the way of living by providing innovative ICT solutions that are relevant to every person on the ground thereby improving day to day lives of African people.

Limitless Reach

Our solutions are not limited by geographical barriers. Making use of the internet's transforming power, users are able to have the same experience anytime, anywhere.

Save Time

Yes, your time is precious!. Solutions from Designetics are straight to the point bearing in mind that time is a valuable commodity in the 21st Century.

Mobile friendly

Utilizing mobile technologies we stride towards solutions that are easy to access and inclusive, integrated with tools for the disabled.

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An ICT Company incubated by Mr Lovemore Chirongo to develop and implement ICT solutions for every sector in the African market in order to enhance the way of living.
Important values that keeps us getting better by the day:






When great minds form a team, great things that make history happens.
Have elite inclusive solutions that not only benefit us as a business but also create empowerment opportunities through strategic partnerships.

Promoting other growing brands through strategic partnerships

Through strategic partnerships we give opportunities for growth to growing brands such as:

  • Educational Content Providers and Book Authors
  • Educational Institutions
  • Hospitals and Surgeries
  • Doctors
  • Agricultural Consultants
  • Energy Consultants
  • NGOs