Checkpoint v1.0


Thermal Scanner integrated with Facial Recognition technology for contactless Temperature Screening and automated human traffic count.

the COVID19 pandemic has upended many aspects of daily life, including trips to the bus station, bank, shopping mall, supermarket or grocery store. Some of what were previously mundane tasks have turned into a nerve-wracking ordeal that brings with it a great host of questions and fears: Will I meet an infected person or a quarantine escapee? If there was indeed someone infected can there be tracing so that we get helped? While there have been preventive measures implemented in most sectors, the human mind is always engulfed with more questions like Are we doing enough?

Designetics (Pvt) Ltd believes technology can provide smarter ways to complement your screening, preventive, and tracing measures during this pandemic. 

the traditional standard screening and preventive measure being witness at almost every turn is when company representatives stand at the entrance taking temperatures and applying the sanitizer. This is a potentially risky arrangement as it exposes not only the frontline worker but also employees and customers  to cross infections in the event that a single frontline worker gets infected without knowing. Designetics (Pvt) Ltd is proud to introduce the Chiron Checkpoint v1.0 which is a smarter way of temperature screening, sanitization and a way of facilitating organisational preparedness for contact tracing. It is important to note the need for great caution in screening clients before they enter enclosed business places which may possibly confine a greater amount of COVID19 aerosol particles in one place.

The System will ensure protection of your frontline personnel who stand by the entrance to screen people as supervision will be done at a safe distance, at the same time preparing your organisation's capacity to participate in contact tracing. As icing, the system is able to complement your daily person count measures of who comes in and out of your building through populating of logs while its core is doing:

  • Contactless detection of sickness and COVID19 related fevers whose crossed threshold alarms are triggered in real-time.
  • Ensuring safe and contactless automated application of sanitizer blasts.

The Chiron Checkpoint v1.0 will facilitate safety for your frontline client screening personnel due to an automated contactless temperature screening and sanitization process, as you enjoy these additional features:

  • Remote or local real-time monitoring of human traffic passing through the Checkpoint.
  • Storing temperature, face, date and time of entry records for each client passing through the Checkpoint.
  • Remote and local records retrieval from history spanning to 90 days.
  • Blacklist individuals (e.g quarantine absconders or banned clients) who are recognised by the system's Facial Recognition algorithm with or without a mask.
  • Simultaneous or post COVID use as a check-in system interoperable with Access Control gates.

Chiron Checkpoint v2.0

Road to v2.0


Designetics (Pvt) Ltd believes the Chiron Checkpoint v1.0 is a stepping stone for our Research and Development Team towards Big Data for African Healthcare through Machine Learning where contactless Biometrics are able to detect possibility of diseases while intelligently mapping for priority healthcare improvement alerts, enhancements and pandemic prediction for the African people.