Health Monitor v1.0


Real-time Health Monitoring for Employees, Quarantined individuals, Front Line workers and Families.

The Chiron Health Monitor v1.0 is a Telemetry or Telematics wearable device tailored specifically to enhance body health communication in different environments in a simpler and faster way. While monitoring vitals and transmitting the metrics in real-time over the cloud, data displayed in the management system can be interpreted to determine the following:

  • Detect sickness and COVID19 related fevers whose crossed threshold alarms are triggered in real-time.
  • Detect possible anxiety, exhaustion, stress and fatigue related heart-beat irregularities in real-time where crossed threshold alarms are triggered.

Chiron Health Monitor not only gives you core health metric monitoring in a simpler and faster way but also synergy towards a robust, documented and standard response infrastructure through these additional features:

  • Record of wearer geographical movement by utilising location services.
  • Immediate alarm if wearer enters or leaves vicinity of a programmed geographical location.
  • On-device voice communication between the wearer and Management System administrator where communication records can be pulled up as needed.
  • Emergency notification by wearer to Medical Services or Management system administrator.

Chiron Health Monitor Version 2.0

Our Road To v2.0


our Research and Development Team benefited from the COVID19 down-time by gathering necessary data which factors in a post-COVID 'new normal'. This data is being used to develop the Chiron Health Monitor v2.0 which focuses on preventing, predicting, compiling of synchronised incident reports and enhancing response to Injuries at work inorder to reduce or avoid Lost Time Injuries (LTIs). Just as the world is refocusing for the future in energy by Going Green, Designetics is pivoting on Zero Harm, Zero Work related Accidents future in different sectors through the Chiron Health Monitor v2.0.