Data Policy

This Policy describes the information we process to support DOTEDU Pre-School, DOTEDU Primary School, DOTEDU High School, DOTEDU Academy, dotPreschool and other products and features offered by Designetics (Pvt) Ltd.

What kinds of information do we collect?
To provide the Designetics Products, we must process information about the user. The type of information that we collect depends on how the user uses our Products. Things that you and others do and provide.

  •  Networks and connections.

We collect information about the Pages people are connected to and how interaction is with them across our Products.

  • Usage.

We collect information about how our Products are used, such as the types of content that is viewed or engage with, the features used, the actions taken, frequency and duration of the activities. For example, we log when you’re using and have last used our Products.

  • Information about transactions made on our Products.

If our Products are used for purchasing of subscriptions or other financial transactions, we collect information about the purchase or transaction. This includes payment information, other account and authentication information, and billing, delivery and contact details.

Device information.

As described below, we collect information from and about the computers, phones, connected TVs and other web-connected devices used that integrate with our Products, and we combine this information across different devices that used. For example, we use information collected about your use of our Products on your phone to better personalise the content or features that you see when you use our Products on another device, such as your laptop or tablet.

Information that we obtain from these devices includes:
Device attributes: information such as the operating system, hardware and software versions, battery level, signal strength, available storage space, browser type, app and file names and types, and plugins.

Device operations: information about operations and behaviours performed on the device, such as whether a window is foregrounded or backgrounded, or mouse movements (which can help distinguish humans from bots).

Identifiers: unique identifiers, device IDs and other identifiers, such as from games, apps or accounts that you use, and Family Device IDs (or other identifiers unique to Designetics Products that are associated with the same device or account). 

Device signals: Bluetooth signals, information about nearby Wi-Fi access points, beacons and mobile phone masts.

Network and connections: information such as the name of your mobile operator or ISP, language, time zone, mobile phone number, IP address, connection speed and, in some cases, information about other devices that are nearby or on your network.

Cookie data: data from cookies stored on your device, including cookie IDs and settings. Learn more about how we use cookies in the Cookie Policy.

How do we use this information?

We use the information that we have as described below, and to provide and support the Designetics Products and related services. Here’s how:

Provide, personalise and improve our Products.

We use the information we have to deliver our Products, including to personalise features and content and make suggestions for you on and off our Products. To create personalised Products that are unique and relevant to you, we use your connections, preferences, interests and activities based on the data that we collect and learn from you and how you use and interact with our Products.

Promote safety, integrity and security.

We use the information that we have to verify accounts and activity, combat harmful conduct, detect and prevent spam and other bad experiences, maintain the integrity of our Products, and promote safety and security on and off Designetics Products. For example, we use data that we have to investigate suspicious activity or breaches of our Terms or Policies.

Research and innovate for social good.

We use the information that we have (including from research partners who we collaborate with) to conduct and support innovation on topics of general social welfare, technological advancement, public interest, health and well-being.

How is this information shared?

We do not share, sell or show user information with companies and third party researchers except when a user has access to a Designetics Product that has advertising or marketing services integrated.

Law enforcement or legal requests.

We share information with law enforcement or in response to legal requests in the circumstances that directly affects Designetics (Pvt) Ltd, its products and children.

How do the Designetics Products or Companies work together?

Designetics companies or products share infrastructure, systems and technology to provide an innovative, relevant, consistent and safe experience across all Designetics Company Products that you use. We also process information about you across the Designetics Companies for these purposes, as permitted by applicable law and in accordance with their Terms and Policies. We also work to understand how people use and interact with Designetics Company Products, such as understanding the number of unique users on different Products.

How do we respond to legal requests or prevent harm?

We access, preserve and share information with regulators, law enforcement or others:

  • In response to a legal request (e.g. a search warrant, court order or subpoena) if we have a good-faith belief that the law requires us to do so.
  • When we have a good-faith belief that it is necessary to: detect, prevent and address fraud, unauthorised use of the Products, breaches of our Terms or Policies, or other harmful or illegal activity; to protect ourselves (including our rights, property or Products), you or others, including as part of investigations or regulatory enquiries; or to prevent death or imminent bodily harm. For example, if relevant, we provide information to and receive information from third-party partners about the reliability of your account to prevent fraud, abuse and other harmful activity on and off our Products.

How will we notify you of changes to this Policy?

We’ll notify you before we make changes to this Policy and give you the opportunity to review the revised Policy before you choose to continue using our Products.

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