Who we are

Designetics (Pvt) Ltd is an ICT company, visioned and incubated by Mr Lovemore Chirongo. Recognizing the changing global patterns, Designetics (Pvt) Ltd has acted decisively by developing ICT related infrastructure and solutions to Zimbabwe and Africa. 

Our aim is to positively uplift different sectors of life for the African people using ICT (Education, Energy, Health, Agriculture). We cannot run away from the fact that we are now in the 21st  century where time is a very scarce, expensive and useful commodity. Using ICT solutions helps us use time economically, make huge achievements and solve various challenges within a short period of time.

We take pride in our team as we believe great things are achieved when great minds combine towards achieving one goal.  A very unique thing about Designetics (Pvt) Ltd is our ability as a business to build teams by supporting and empowering other emerging brands to make the way of life easier for the African people through ICT.

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An e-Education platform designed for educational institutions to promote communication, inclusion and elearning.


State of the art diagnostic, treatment and patient management infrastructure that assists doctors towards a better patient health outcome.


Customized technology to help farmers and farming become more sustainable, realizing their profits at the same time reducing impact on natural ecosystems.